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"...they worked the transaction from A-Z."

"Our LTL trucking company is based in the west. We were interested in expanding our lanes into the Northeast market. Not only were we unfamiliar with the market in the Northeast, we had never before made an acquisition. We retained Cincinnati Capital Corporation and they worked the transaction from A-Z. They found the perfect match, arranged the financing and got the deal done. All during the process my management team was able to stay focused on our business."

-MKL (Client)

Mergers and Acquisitions

Buy Side Activity

Cincinnati Capital Corporation's activities extend far beyond the typical "buyer representative". Pre-acquisition planning to Post-acquisition integration is our mission. Our thorough approach includes:

  1. Meeting with your senior management for strategic planning sessions.
  2. Identifying existing "strengths" and 'weaknesses" of your company.
  3. Devising a strategy to either acquire a company to enhance the "strength" or shore up a "weakness".
  4. Forming strategic planning sessions, to develop the characteristics or profile of a target company.
  5. Identifying potential acquisitions candidates based on that specific profile.
  6. Completing initial due diligence and feasibility analysis.
  7. Compiling pro-forma financial statements.
  8. Negotiating price and terms.
  9. Providing financing.
  10. Assisting management in the development of integration plan.

Sell Side Activity

Cincinnati Capital Corporation's sell side activity is based on the concept of maximizing the value of your company while preserving the confidentiality and integrity of the sale process. We focus on:

  1. Performing intense due diligence in order to understand every aspect of your business.
  2. Based on due diligence findings, making recommendations to shareholders to identify ways to increase the value of the business.
  3. Assisting ownership in identifying the true value of the company.
  4. Compiling a detailed Offering Memorandum.
  5. Identifying potential buyers that offer strategic fit.
  6. From Cincinnati Capital Corporation's pool of buyers, developing a list of financial buyers and/or investors seeking diversification.
  7. Maintaining confidentiality by thoroughly screening potential buyers for financial capacity and true interest in making an acquisition.
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