Complete PetMart Management Goodway Transport, Inc.
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"I received a nice buy-out as well as a management contract."

"Our company was in trouble, our bank wanted to be paid off and was threatening foreclosure (Corporate Finance). The only means by which we could obtain financing was to somehow receive an injection of equity (Private Equity) but in order to attract an equity player we needed to fix the fundamental problems with our business (Turnarounds and Workouts). I was 64 years old at the time and also needed to prepare for retirement and the eventual sale of the business (Mergers and Acquisitions) Cincinnati Capital Corporation came in and renegotiated all of our debt including our unsecured creditor debt. We obtained an equity infusion when Cincinnati Capital Corporation convinced a subordinated debt holder to discount the amount of the obligation and convert the balance into equity. Cincinnati Capital Corporation then merged our operation into a similar company and three years later Cincinnati Capital Corporation sold the entire operation. I received a nice buy-out as well as a management contract."


Financial Advisory

Cincinnati Capital Corporation possesses expertise in middle market Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Mergers and Acquisitions, Turnarounds and Workouts and Financial Advisory Services. In our Financial Advisory role we can offer a range of services bundled into one package.

Additionally, Cincinnati Capital Corporation advises clients on matters relating to "VALUATIONS" of your business or a target company. The Merger and Acquisition marketplace changes rapidly. We have seen valuations fluctuate as the economy expands and contacts and interest rates waver. Knowing the value of your business is a critical component to managing toward the future.

As an example, Cincinnati Capital Corporation believes that properly selling your business is a two to four year process. Why? Most business owners believe their businesses are worth more than the market is willing to pay. We assist owners in understanding the current value of your business and advise you on methods as to how to build value. Building value can be as simple as driving net income by not expensing discretionary spending. Yet, it could be as complicated as effectuating changes to your Balance Sheet because certain financial ratios are outside industry standards. In either case, understanding current value and the future value of your business is something prudent business owner's review on annual or bi-annual basis.

Capital Solutions For Middle Market Businesses - Transactions from 5M to 50M